• Maggie

    Margaret Pansy Everett (Maggie), a young woman of seventeen, didn’t care what the townsfolk said about her friend and teacher Bapte.  Her fiery temper and clever wit dared anyone to speak ill against her mentor.  Maggie's loyalty gains the … [ Continue Reading ]

  • Thomas

    Dr. Apoth Thomas Pritchett (Thomas), Bapte’s cousin, finished medical school extremely early.  Like Bapte he traveled with his Uncle Armon for three years learning diseases and the treatment in men.  It was suspected he too was a genius of only a … [ Continue Reading ]

  • Pots

    Peter Otis Tiberius Smith (Pots) unlike most men of 1851 was 6’ 6”.  His hair was brownish red and eyes were as green as emeralds.  His face was free of stubble, boyish, and manly at the same time for a man of twenty-four.  He had a permanent … [ Continue Reading ]

  • Bapte

    Elizabeth Bapteme Pritchett (Bapte) was quite literally a genius.  In 1851 that was not necessarily a positive attribute for a woman.  And Bapte, as she was known, was definitely not the normal woman of the day.  Bapte was tiny, barely five … [ Continue Reading ]


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